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10 Tips to Defend Against DDoS Attacks

With the availability of cost-effective and user-friendly DDoS mitigation services, hosted service providers have no excuse for downtime caused by a DDoS attacks, according to a new WHIR whitepaper by Incapsula. This whitepaper looks at how DDoS attacks have evolved over the past two years, and it brings to light the risks that they present to hosting providers.

It also analyzes four common types of DDoS attacks and provides an overview of how they operate and how they impact the digital world around them. Following the analysis, Incapsula provides 10 tips for service providers to help mitigate the harm that these attacks pose to themselves and their customers. Download this whitepaper today to find out what every hosting provider needs to know about defending against DDoS attacks, and get ten tips you can use in your defense strategy.

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