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Symantec Announces Cloud Security Offering with Support for Box and Office 365

Symantec seeks to capitalize on enterprises moving from on-premises data storage with it’s first security offering for loss prevention in the cloud. The new product, launched on Tuesday, is designed for enterprises and includes support for Office 365 and Box.

Data Loss Prevention 14 allows clients to monitor traffic, secure apps in the cloud and protect BYOD devices. BYOD protection is an important factor since mobile will easily outpace use of PC for tasks by 2018. Policies on BYOD devices don’t even exist at 60 percent of companies. In addition, over half of Canadian companies don’t even have a strategy in place for mobile and cloud security.

The lack of cloud and mobile strategy gives businesses such as Symantec offering cloud and mobile security services a great opportunity to generate revenue.

The product is integrated with Box, a popular cloud solution for storage that has become even more popular since removing storage limits for business customers.

“Symantec Data Loss Prevention is a content-aware security technology that helps companies understand where their sensitive corporate information is being stored, how it’s being used and how to protect it against loss and theft,” said Amit Jasuja, senior vice president, product development at Symantec. “With the latest release, we are extending DLP to cloud email and storage to provide our customers the control and visibility they need to secure their sensitive information as they take full advantage of the cloud. We’ve also announced a new, robust integration with Box, as it’s one of the top requests we’ve seen from our DLP customers.”

Box partnered with Symantec to ensure maximum compatibility and security.

Another great feature for companies with a BYOD “problem” is the ability to monitor and prevent users from syncing works files to personal cloud services and even email services such as Gmail.

As cloud adoption by businesses grows, especially in sectors dealing with sensitive data such as healthcare, cloud security and products that offer additional protection will continue to be an important and evolving offering by service providers.

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